What If Saying Farewell to Dieting Were Possible?
(It is. And It’s Simple.)

No matter how many diets have failed you, it’s not too late. You can fix your metabolism.
Weight gain isn’t your fault. You don’t need to eliminate more foods, count calories, or go on fasts.
If you feel like something isn’t working properly, you are right. Your liver is the key to fat loss (and to regaining a younger metabolism)!
I’m Dr. Alan Christianson, a natural endocrinologist & NY Times bestselling author. It’s my honor to share my clinically-proven, supportive liver detox with you in a 4-week guided program.
It’s time to reset your metabolism, and I’ve got a program to help you start feeling your best right now.
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But Why Should I Care About My Liver?
I Just Want to Lose Weight!

Would you believe your liver holds the key to unlock trapped fat? Most people don’t know this.

Since I can only see a limited number of patients in my office, I don’t want there to be any reason that thousands of others can’t benefit from these scientifically-proven, all-natural solutions. The same solutions that have helped so many of my own patients. That’s why I decided to create this program with weekly access to me, no geographical limitations, and at a cost that nearly anyone can afford.

Let me repeat, it won’t matter how healthy you eat if you don’t clear the fat from inside your liver, first.

Does your tummy look permanently bloated? That’s a sign of a ‘Leaky Liver.’ Other signs include:

  • Inability to lose weight
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Brain fog, memory loss

It’s Time to Radically Shift Your Waist
(and Your Health)

I’ve been a naturopathic endocrinologist for 20+ years. My greatest joy is when my patients heal and thrive.

Many people came to me with weight struggles, thyroid disease, or diabetes. Years ago, I read about a carefully structured diet that helped people reverse diabetes in just a few weeks. I had an “Aha moment”! I realized it worked because it helped the liver.

In my clinic, I simplified the program to use more whole foods & vegetables and conducted medical trials. The results were incredible!


My patients experienced:

  • Diabetic reversals
  • Improved thyroid function
  • Reduced need for medication
  • Radical shifts in waist size (and weight loss)

In fact, their energy levels went through the roof!

“I am so proud to announce that I lost 19 lbs and 2 1/2 inches while doing the 28 day Metabolism Reset Diet. I feel terrific and have more energy than I have had in a long time.”
-Barbara F.
Before releasing this new breakthrough to the public, I wanted to make sure it worked exactly the way I expected. So I ran a test challenge with thousands of participants and tracked their results.
After Just 7 Days:
76% of participants lost 3-10 pounds.

52% measured 1 to 2 inches off their waists.

36% said their resting heart rate improved by 1 to 4 points.

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is important because your heart rate gets lower when your liver is healthy. A lower heart rate means a longer life!

The Results Met Our Expectations…and Then Vastly Exceeded Them!

After 4 weeks on the program, people lost 7 to 22 pounds!
“I have finished the 28 day challenge. I’m down 18 lbs and feeling great. I’m going to maintain the way Dr. C has recommended and do it again in a couple weeks. As far as diets go, this has been relatively simple, once you know what you’re allowed to eat. Thanks so much to the entire team for encouraging us through this journey. It was so fun being creative with meals using all of the allowed foods.”
Andy B.
“I did the Reset (7-Day) challenge because my liver enzymes were elevated. My doctor was concerned and sent me to a gastroenterologist. I figured cleansing my liver could only help. Today is Day 25, and my liver enzymes came back into the normal range! I feel so much better and have lost 10 pounds.”
Mary L.
“I've done the 28 Day Reset. It works! And I have really tried other ways to lose weight. Final results: Lost 13 lbs. Resting heart rate down 5 points. No brainfog. I remember more things. I have diabetes type 1 with pump, and have lowered my basal insulin dose in half. Feel much much better. Thank you!”
Susanne S.
“Just finished with the Reset program. Lost 10.4 lbs and 3 inches! I am thrilled to have been able to lose this weight since I hadn’t been able to lose a pound in 2 years. I still have some more weight to lose to reach my goal, but this is definitely a great start.”
Chris B.
“I had the most success with this diet of any that I’ve tried and have been hypothyroid for almost 30 years. This program is my new way of life! Can't recommend it enough.”
Teresa B.
“Drum roll please! I got my blood test results back today. My doctor said, “Congratulations!” because everything was in the normal range! He is allowing me to drop my thyroid medicine to a lower dose. After the 4 weeks, I’ve maintained my weight loss. Planning to go again in a few months!”
Connie K.

How Does the Reset Work?

I believe that we all need to, “Keep it simple.” The diet is incredibly easy to follow.

No guesswork. You have plenty of recipes to choose from. You can even use this formula when you are traveling!

Chelene S

“I lost 9 lbs, 4 and 1/8″ off my waist and my Resting Heart Rate averaged 56. My clothes fit better and I REALLY FEEL HEALTHY! I couldn’t believe the results as I have struggled like a lot of you with “looking at food and gaining weight” LOL. Too see it come off without vigorous exercise and stressing over food was a welcome treat. I even had 9 DAYS of vacation/travel during this 28 days. So I encourage everyone to hang in there, fight the good fight, don’t give up.”
-Chelene S.

Who Is The Reset For?

Your body is is resilient, and it thrives toward a state of good, optimal health. Once we get your liver “right” again, and able to process food as fuel, your body can transform.

The Program is for you if:

Other diets have failed you.

You experience digestive issues such as gas and bloating.

When you skip a meal, you experience a crash and get “hangry.”

You want to lose weight, and try hard, but you can’t.

The Program is NOT for you if:

You are pregnant or nursing.

Your job requires hard physical labor (over 15,000 steps per day)

You engage in vigorous workouts and cannot pause your routine for 4 weeks.

My goal is to help you during every step! That’s why my team and I offer support and encouragement in the Facebook group. We’ll answer your questions, cheer you on, and celebrate your successes!

What’s Included?

4 weeks of video guidance, insights, and encouragement.

Over 40 easy-to-prepare recipes.

Bonus videos on how to make some of the top recipes.

Exercise videos - Gentle, metabolism-enhancing workouts that are optional.

How To Get Started

I’m guessing by now, you are wondering how you can also start seeing incredible results.

My goal with the Metabolism Reset program is to share this groundbreaking approach with as many people as possible. Because I know you’ve tried many diets in the past that have failed you. You want to lose weight, lower your resting heart rate, and trim inches from your waist.

And you deserve to.

The best part? You are retraining your body how to process food so it can turn fat into energy. You don’t want (or need to) do this long-term.

That’s why it’s a 28-day liver reset. The program is yours to own. You can redo it whenever you need a quick reset:

After the holidays

Before a big event, such as a reunion or anniversary

Before a summer trip

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Act Now for $47 Early Bird Pricing! Offer Ends Soon.

This program does not contain hacks, tricks, or shortcuts. It’s simple, effective, and superior to other diets. The results speak for themselves.

To get you started, I’m offering The Metabolism Reset Diet RISK-FREE. If at anytime in the next 30 days, you feel it’s not been useful, I’m happy to give you a full refund – no questions asked and no hard feelings.

I would never make this guarantee if I wasn’t absolutely certain you are going to love this new way to quit dieting for good.

Unlock Your Best Health

So, click on the link below to get started, risk-free, today. Because the truth is, fat doesn’t “disappear” on it’s own.
In my experience as a natural medical doctor (NMD), you can eat healthy and still gain weight when your liver is storing fat (fatty liver).
There’s no reason to keep feeling frustrated about weight…or stress out over a problem that’s now easy and affordable to fix.
You deserve to change your health so you can chase your dreams. Because that’s what can happen when you are feeling your best.
I’d love for you to feel what it’s like when there’s nothing holding you back anymore.